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Through My Eyes - Part 2 - SECRETS - (DVD ONLY)

Through My Eyes - Part 2 - SECRETS - (DVD ONLY)

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THROUGH MY EYES - PART 2 - SECRETS (and new DVD)                                               (2013) 

The DVD for SECRETS Includes a small video of me, a book introduction, and 3 video clips of the following songs:SECRET AGENT MAN, PIECES OF MY LIFE and THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. 

Mystery Man Jon Cotner is back in this mysterious tale of corruption, lies, deceit, and even a little comedy. In Part 2 of the incredible tale Through My Eyes, Jon Cotner reveals further secrets regarding his identity and the life he has been living part Hollywood and part seclusion since that fateful day in August. 

In this installment of the ongoing saga SECRETS, Jon receives a mysterious letter in the mail that turns his life upside down and culminates in the return of a long, lost friend. Jon must choose between his loyalty to America and his loyalty to the mysterious government agency that has helped keep his private life a secret to the public at large since the day of his recruitment into the mysterious, sometimes heroic, shadow government.

In this strange tale of fiction, the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as Jon and friends try to bring down a corrupt government power hellbent on destroying the United States of America by 2020. Where this roller coaster life of Jon will stop is anyone's guess. Yet, for now, the twists, turns and loops are enough to keep any reader in suspense. You might laugh, you might cry, you'll definitely be in suspense, but in the end either way YOU WILL BELIEVE.

5 Stars
POWERFUL and EYE OPENING a MUST HAVE for a better understanding of the world we live in
First of all, I must say that again , as I sat watching this DVD (just as it happened watching Through My Eyes DVD Vol 1) I have experienced a moltitude of emotions, it was a journey of the heart and soul, again it was smiles and tears, because Jon , as always , allows us to feel every emotion that he does , so much so , that they automatically become your own too , and you feel like being IN the book/DVD as part of it with him . This narrated DVD is a POWERFUL , EYE -OPENING and VERY IMPORTANT document for everyone who wishes to have a better understanding of the World and society we live in and is also a wonderful presentation and introduction to the book (Throught My Eyes Part 2 SECRETS ) that is indeed a magnifincently written masterpiece . Both the book and DVD are the perfect key to understand about many people and many different things happeing in today's world . In the DVD as well as in the book , one can really hear and feel in Jon’s voice how through his work and commitment he really now more then ever is trying to reach -out to people ... but this DVD contains more priceless gifts as well , a wonderful smile that will bring infinite happiness to your heart and absolutely wonderful performances that will fill your hart with pride and joy . This is another priceless gift that Jon has shared with us ...and is special just like everything else he puts his heart and mind into. Highly recommended !
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Reviewed by:  from Italy . on 11/25/2013