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Through My Eyes - Part 2 - SECRETS - (hardcover + DVD)

Through My Eyes - Part 2 - SECRETS - (hardcover + DVD)

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THROUGH MY EYES - PART 2 - SECRETS (and new DVD)                                               (2013) 

The DVD for SECRETS Includes a small video of me, a book introduction, and 3 video clips of the following songs:SECRET AGENT MAN, PIECES OF MY LIFE and THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. 

Mystery Man Jon Cotner is back in this mysterious tale of corruption, lies, deceit, and even a little comedy. In Part 2 of the incredible tale Through My Eyes, Jon Cotner reveals further secrets regarding his identity and the life he has been living part Hollywood and part seclusion since that fateful day in August. 

In this installment of the ongoing saga SECRETS, Jon receives a mysterious letter in the mail that turns his life upside down and culminates in the return of a long, lost friend. Jon must choose between his loyalty to America and his loyalty to the mysterious government agency that has helped keep his private life a secret to the public at large since the day of his recruitment into the mysterious, sometimes heroic, shadow government.

In this strange tale of fiction, the reader is taken on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as Jon and friends try to bring down a corrupt government power hellbent on destroying the United States of America by 2020. Where this roller coaster life of Jon will stop is anyone's guess. Yet, for now, the twists, turns and loops are enough to keep any reader in suspense. You might laugh, you might cry, you'll definitely be in suspense, but in the end either way YOU WILL BELIEVE.

5 Stars
Through My Eyes - Part 2 - SECRETS (Hardcover Book + DVD)
If you are one of the few who have been blessed with the privilege of finding Mr. Jon Cotner's website, you are blessed indeed!! I have read many books and done much in depth study over many years; however, NONE (except for the Bible, of course) will take you on a journey like Jon Cotner's Books and Companion DVDs will. Get aboard the Mystery Train with this SPECIAL Mystery Man. I guarantee you, YOU WILL BE IN FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!! Selah............
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Reviewed by:  from Saint Hedwig, Texas. on 12/2/2013
5 Stars
This book will open the eyes of the blind
Delving into this book is much like taking the red pill in the movie The Matrix- it will take you on a ride from believing a created and planned illusion, to the truth of what’s going on around us, both on the spiritual and physical dimensions. The main characters Jon and Sevren, are two mysterious men that, although are the same, have lived two very opposite lives; one in the limelight of the whole world, the other hidden in the shadows. Both mystery men work for a secret government agency but realize things are not as they appear and are in fact, just the opposite. They find themselves in a political system that is so corrupt and so evil that they soon realize those that are truly pulling the strings, are not made of flesh and blood. They discover world events and chosen leaders have been pre-planned and played out like a chess game to manipulate and control the masses in order to ultimately bring forth a one world government. Having this knowledge before them and a heart that is on fire with the Holy Spirit, they have eyes to see this battle manifesting like a playbook right out of the book of Revelations. As God reveals the truth, He also sends a teacher to help along the way named Zayith. Zayith is a man with the calling of God upon his life since a child, for a time such as this. This humble teacher leads Jon into multi-levels of God’s truth, making sense of many unexplained phenomenon both in the spiritual and physical dimensions of this world. Filled with the knowledge of truth, the power of God and help along the way, Jon is ready to do battle against the forces of evil. As Jon writes from the standpoint of the fictitious characters within his book, he simultaneously also gives facts and Biblical support to reveal the layers of truth surrounding this “fairy tale”. The reader soon realizes that very little is fiction and that we are all in a fabricated “truth”. This is a book that has the potential to open the eyes of those that are blind and to be a platform for creating a remnant of God’s people that will stand up as spiritual warriors in the last days. Thank you Jon for being a willing vessel! Love Your Friend, Jen
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Reviewed by:  from Siberia. on 12/5/2013