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Through My Eyes - Part 3 - APOCALYPSE - (hardcover + DVD)

Through My Eyes - Part 3 - APOCALYPSE - (hardcover + DVD)

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In the continuing saga of the story of Jon Cotner and friends, the most recent installment "APOCALYPSE"continues the roller-coaster style ride of the Mystery Train into what just might turn out to be the final chapter in the story THAT MIGHT JUST BE A MESSAGE. This installment warns the reader of a horrifying apocalyptic world that may be soon upon us unless those who are enlightened are able to open enough eyes to the truth of a conspiracy of gargantuan proportions. 

Never assume that you know where the Mystery Train is headed. All the reader can be sure of is excitement, greed, abuse of power, conspiracy and a very dark world.  However, even in this dark world, there is still a little light. The light of love shines brightly through Jon and friends - especially Jon's love for one special lady. A love that might just be tested in the world of APOCALYPSE - the most INTENSE story yet. 

5 Stars
Worth reading many times over!
Wow! This book has a little bit of everything, romance, espionage, secret conspiracies, but most importantly it contains within the pages TRUTH! Through My Eyes- Apocalypse, you will discover the plans of an evil and corrupt governmental system that operates at the highest level of the New World Order pyramid. This “shadow government” has the sole intention of deceiving the masses to ultimately enslave people in a one-world-government that has been long prophesied within the pages of the Bible. The character Jon, uses his inside connections and acts as a double agent to foil the plans of this nefarious governmental system. As the story unfolds, Jon also shares his wisdom with the Bible by way of parables, symbolic stories and letters from his teacher Zayith that reveal an even far greater evil, the corruption of the Bride of Christ, his Church. Zayith’s letters and Jon’s story “The King and the Evil Servant” give in depth teachings of how much of mainstream religion has been corrupted, a system that offers virtue on the outside, but at the same time has a heart that is wicked. As the reader goes deeper into the story, they realize that this attack is spiritual, both in the physical dimension through the New World Order, but also an attack against our very souls by keeping God’s people blinded and not knowing their true position in Yeshua, through false or watered-down doctrine. And just as the character of “Jon” does what he can to fight against this evil in our world system, Jon the author, and his teacher Zayith, fight against evil in the spiritual realm, by helping to open our eyes to the truth Yeshua brought…. so that we can ALL be EMPOWERED to fight against this last day battle. Woven within the pages of this spiritual battle, a love story unfolds between Brandy and Jon who both soon realize they were brought together by fate to accomplish a mission that is for the greater good. As they work together as a team to bring down this evil system, their love for one another silently grows out of a friendship to something much deeper. And together, they do what they can to fight against the forces of evil. This is an awesome book that has truth on so many levels, it is worth reading many times over. Thank you Jon! Jen
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Reviewed by:  from Shanghai, China. on 12/5/2013