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Through My Eyes - Part 3 - APOCALYPSE - (hardcover ONLY)

Through My Eyes - Part 3 - APOCALYPSE - (hardcover ONLY)

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In the continuing saga of the story of Jon Cotner and friends, the most recent installment "APOCALYPSE"continues the roller-coaster style ride of the Mystery Train into what just might turn out to be the final chapter in the story THAT MIGHT JUST BE A MESSAGE. This installment warns the reader of a horrifying apocalyptic world that may be soon upon us unless those who are enlightened are able to open enough eyes to the truth of a conspiracy of gargantuan proportions. 

Never assume that you know where the Mystery Train is headed. All the reader can be sure of is excitement, greed, abuse of power, conspiracy and a very dark world.  However, even in this dark world, there is still a little light. The light of love shines brightly through Jon and friends - especially Jon's love for one special lady. A love that might just be tested in the world of APOCALYPSE - the most INTENSE story yet. 

5 Stars
An arresting book worth re-reads, that compels you to assimilate it,not merely read it. There is a wealth of insight,wisdom and knowledge,pressed between the pages of this book (presented clearly to become understandable to everyone) that is absolutely amazing beyond what words can say. This read will quench your thirst of knowledge and desire of understanding . Writing a novel is hard, but once again Jon Cotner has confirmed being a talented writer presenting us with a superbly written story that combines truth and fiction,emotions and mystery,spirituality and real physical dimension,but also True Love,tenderness,passion and sense of humor all rolled into one. This is a profound work that has a way of speaking to people, it is indeed a social impact project to a global reach. Although this book is written as fiction,I admire the courage with which the author once again,despite the risks involved in doing it, exposes the TRUTH about different subjects and the deeper horrifying reality surrounding us,how we are being conditioned by a most powerful deceitful organization,called "The Order" who claims to be for world peace while in reality is not loyal to any country or way of life outside of money,greed,violence and most of all power.This new doctrine of demons has now infiltrated everything using a mass mind controlling system who is blinding our eyes with their false wisdom with the only aim of accomplishing an evil plan,ruling our lives and dominating the whole world. In a world where much of the prophetic chapter Matthew 24 has already been fulfilled,the few can make a lasting difference for the whole and this book is all about Jon's and his Spiritual Teacher Zayith's attempt to destroy and stop world's domination by warning, educating and awaking the global community to the awareness of the underhanded shames surrounding us. Survival and soul salvation can only come through Faith by strengthening the heart of men to the only way of salvation,the preaching and the understanding of "The Word". The Bible makes it plain that the greatest gift God gave humanity is love.Between truth and fiction also a love story unfolds through the pages of this book,the story of an amazing Friendship based on mutual trust and loyalty that through life's twists and turns slowly develops into an unconditional and true love. This book is a true masterpiece and a must read for anyone at any point of their lives. Highly recommended!
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Reviewed by:  from Italy. on 11/26/2013