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Through My Eyes - The Story Of My Life - FAIRYTALE - (hardcover ONLY)

Through My Eyes - The Story Of My Life - FAIRYTALE - (hardcover ONLY)

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THROUGH MY EYES - The story of my life...Fairytale -                               (Book Part 1) (2012) 

Names are changed to protect the innocent and the guilty, and to protect my privacy. The book is written as fiction, however, the main character in the book is the first character that I know about to have both a fictional and reality based life. In other words, the main character in the novel is also represented by a real person online. 

The stories must be told as fiction because there are many adversaries out there telling their lies who will be very threatened when this book comes out. I tell the story in such a way that they can do nothing about it, yet still allow my friends to know the real truth about the character in the book. The character's name is revealed in the book. It shall remain a secret for now so that copycats won't use it. However, you will learn more truth in one chapter of this book than you will reading all the volumes of the others. That is all I will say for now. There are a  few images of the character in this book that will cause controversy - that is a promise. 

5 Stars
A Must Read !
This book is absolutely CAPTIVATING, unlike any other , WARM , DRAMATIC, VIVID but also SPIRITUALLY and EMOTIONALLY ENLIGHTENING and NOURISHING . I found the book riviting from beginning to the -end, you will find yourself being captivated by the characters. Although it is written as fiction , this book gives the rider an insight into the personality of Jon Cotner, (a most definitely gifted /talented man), but it is also the key to understand the many people that form the cast in his life ... Mr . Jon Cotner's brilliant mind has made it all possible for him to put together this outstandigly written book which is a wonderful web of emotions ,wisdom and humor and where what seems to be the truth is in reality a wonderful and very accurate cover up of the real much deeper truth contained in those pages .... It tells a deep meaningful story told by the only person best qualified to tell it ... This book is indeed a true masterpiece of truth and fiction, a must read , so cleverly written, you will want to read it again and again as to not miss a single word . This book is the one gift you want to give yourself,a GIFT FILLED WITH HIDDEN TREASURES and precious truths..... and if the eyes are the mirror to our soul , Jon’s eyes speak volumes , and you will see all the beauty of his precious soul in them .... You won't regret buying this book !
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Reviewed by:  from Italy . on 11/18/2013