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Vol. 17 - Angels, Ghosts or Time Travelers From Other Dimensions  Part II

Vol. 17 - Angels, Ghosts or Time Travelers From Other Dimensions Part II

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Angels, Ghosts, and Time Travelers? Yes, it's in the Bible!
Do ghosts exist? Where do angels originate from? Is time travel possible? Could UFO’s be the vehicles of angels? Can angels travel through time? Are ghosts the spirits of our loved ones who have passed on or could they be apparitions of time travelers from other dimensions? Mr. Jon discusses these topics and more in this fascinating study, and he gives the scriptures from the Bible to substantiate his convictions. This is definitely not your standard Sunday School lesson and it is far from the watered down theology taught in most churches these days! What I like the most about Mr. Jon’s Bible studies is that he really gets into the meat of what the Bible teaches and he has a distinctive way of bringing the Bible back to life. The Bible IS the living Word of God, and God is the One who gives it life. But the devil has had great success in concealing its spirit, even within the church. Most church-goers have lost interest in what they believe are old stories that have no bearing on our lives today, and many say the Bible is boring to read. Mr. Jon restores our interest in the Bible by reintroducing us to the truths that the Bible holds which have been hidden from us. And there is definitely nothing boring about the topic at hand! So even though the devil has had some success in obscuring God’s Word, we can see God’s hand at work through His faithful servant, Mr. Jon, and we can know for sure that God will prevail!
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