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Vol. 27 -  The Great Tribulation - Part 2

Vol. 27 - The Great Tribulation - Part 2

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Great Translation!
The beginning of this CD is spiritually uplifting as Jon reminds us that our bodies are the temple of God and our sins are paid for.. Jon is a spiritual doctor that knows what each person is lacking and prescribes the right medicine as he is armed with the gift of the wisdom of God that elevates a heavy and weary soul by guiding it to the loving arms of Christ, where hope replaces despair and life eternal replaces death... Jon gives an insightful explanation of how the Jews were the temple of God in the Old Testament, how Israel became many Nations dispersed in many lands. For the first time I understand clearly how the tribes were divided, which tribe went back to the Holy Land, the connection between the scribes and kenites..Jon's deep understanding clarified to me the whereabouts of the lost tribes and their connection to USA and Europe especially Ireland and England.It was very interesting to know what the leprechaun and the pot of Gold are symbolic of... furthermore, I'm able to comprehend the book of Revelation through Jon's meticulous dissection of the vision as he delves into the study of the two men that will work together to bring a peace covenant to the world in order to deceive the people of the earth even the elect. Backed up by scripture from Josephus in 70 AD to Matthew 24, Jon puts in perspective the great Tribulation and the developments that will inflict further miseries and sufferings upon the people of the earth... An informing and illuminating CD by a great preacher who walks with the Lord,have a Shepherd's heart who feels deeply and who's priority is pleasing God! A must have CD that translates the mysteries of the Book of Revelation. Thank you Sir for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom... God bless you..
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 1/30/2015